Free Beef Entrees to be Served in All Company Cafeterias

THE CORPORATION is pleased to offer free prepared beef entrees to its North American employees for the next month. Entrees will be offered through all company cafeterias. Employees will be able to choose from such items as hamburgers, cheesesteak sandwiches, beef stew, beef stroganoff, pot roast and prime rib steaks.

Shown above is Malcolm Thornton, Esq., owner of Coventry Cattle Ranch and Dick Edwards, National Food Service Coordinator for THE CORPORATION.

While the majority of the beef involved in this special purchase comes from cows stricken dead with the much publicized "mad cow disease", Mr. Thornton and his associates assure us that the cows were otherwise very healthy and that there is virtually no risk to those who consume the beef. While Mr. Edwards has not personally tested the beef, he says that Mr. Thornton is a pretty nice guy and that the beef looks normal.

THE CORPORATION especially recommends to employees the head-cheese pot pie, all-byproduct frankfurters and brain-mush souffle, and instructs them to consume all beef products at their own risk.