Company Schools Get New Curriculum featuring "Real World" Classes

Last week, THE CORPORATION's National Inter-Company PTO adopted an improved curriculum that expands the range of subjects and classes available to children who are enrolled in THE CORPORATION's on-site schools nationwide.

In addition to the standard reading, writing and 'rithmatic, and the required study of THE CORPORATION manuals and handbooks, students will also now be taught a variety of "real world" courses like "Getting Your Way", "Leading By Coersion", "Trusting Nobody" and "Conforming to Established Roles in Society". These courses are designed to build the psychological and interpersonal characteristics necessary for these children to be resigned and efficient employees of THE CORPORATION.

Pictured above are several children from THE CORPORATION's new Arkane, Indiana school engaging in "real world" exercises designed to teach the dynamics of many important relationships in society. While some here illustrate the dynamic of the lobbyist/politician relationship, others show that between the rich and the poor, or between employers and workers. "If I yank on the string, the puppet does what I want it to," says Joshua Logan, pictured at right, above. "There's no 'Eat your asparagus!' or 'Make your bed!' from them. They're quiet and they don't question me."

Of course, most of the children understand their natural roles as the "submissive puppet pawns" in society, but seem to have fun playing anyhow. The courses promise to be effective at weeding out the Joshua Logans from the lot and preparing these special students for future leadership positions with THE CORPORATION.