Internet Technologies Aid In Classroom Education

Public and private schools all over the United States have begun to utilize THE CORPORATION's Internet ® brand worldwide network for educational purposes. Combined with the latest in-classroom audiovisual technologies, the network is a powerful resource for connecting classrooms and children with other people, activities and cultures that are outside of their own neighborhoods and cities.

The Columbus, Ohio classroom shown at left, above, is equipped with a VistaLens 3-D projector connected to a live Internet ® connection. The children shown above are seen safely interacting, via audio and video steams, with the group of unfortunate children at right, above, without the risk of getting dirty, contracting diseases or making undesirable friendships.

"This new Internet ® network allows us to control who our children interact with, and to guide the dynamics of that interaction" says Mary Alice Wilton at far left, above. "Those poor kids have to eat pea wiggle gravy slop while I eat steak and asparagus every night," says Mickey Wells, the striped-shirt boy, above. "They're so sad and yucky-looking that I couldn't stop laughing. Boy, they're funny!"