New Internet ® -related Products in Final Stages of Development

Always at the forefront of the dynamic industry it helped to create, THE CORPORATION announces two new Internet ® -related products that are currently in the final beta-testing phase at our Research and Development facility in Trenton, New Jersey.

At left, above, is R&D; Head of Navigation Technologies, Carole Ann Carson shown testing our VistaView 3-D Navigation goggles. The 3-D feature of the goggles senses on which text or graphical elements on a web page the user's eyes are fixed and brings those elements to an in-focus "foreground", while peripheral elements are artificially blurred, dimmed and positioned in the "background". Navigation of a web-site is controlled by brain activity sensors in the goggles' head strap which sense the navigational desires of the user and result in "hands-free" navigation.

Howard Morgan, R&D; Head of Web Authoring Technologies, is shown at right, above, authoring a web site using our WebXpress Portable GUI Site Authoring System. Users will be able to design and construct web sites visually with our patented WebWand and VistaSite 1.0 software, and will not need to know HTML or other languages. When disassembled and packed into its rolling case, the easily portable unit weighs just under 200 lbs.

These products will be available to consumers in the third quarter of this year, and will be marketed and sold by Netscape Communications, a California-based subsidiary of THE CORPORATION.