Welcome dear friends! After learning recently that the Internet is a fast and effective way to get important information to a vast number of people, I decided that I must take action. There has been much misinformation regarding repetative movement disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome and the like. And now I am here to set the record straight ... and to offer you a cure.

After completing my mail-order Doctor program, I began to do studies of my own with the assistance and consent of my own patients. The results from these studies validated my theories and compelled me to share my findings and my cure with the world.

With the help of THE CORPORATION, now anyone who suffers from any pain or discomfort can register for my workshop online. While the workshop takes only a small amount of effort and attention, it will result in strengthened and pain-free arms and wrists, almost immediately. This workshop is truly the light at the end of your tunnel of pain. And best of all, it's FREE!