This week, for a change of pace, I review a book by Ever Loving Press entitled "Do Whatever The Media Tells You To". This book is highly recomended and is a wonderful experience for all ages. I was enthralled right from the beginning by how easy it was to start. I just took the book off the shelf and that was it. No messy config.sys files or complicated commands to remember, and putting the book away was even easier. I just left mine on the desk and my wife put it away for me.

The simple to use interface is intuitive and I found that even very young children were able to navigate the book all by themselves. Perhaps the only downside of this book is that it comes with no manual or tutorial of any kind. Fortunately, in most cases you really should not need one and that is a true testament to the very well thought out design of this book. Only once did I observe any problems at all with the book, and the problem was easily solved by turning the book rightside-up.

The heart of this book is the story, written by noted Swedish children's author Fien Dofhell. It is written in a beautiful, easy to read type with the excellent printing quality found in all of Ever Loving Press's titles. The letters are very clear with no blurry edges or fading and the whole book is printed with the very impressive "BOOKBLACK" soy-based ink developed by Markham Co. The actual paper is a superior quality 100% cotton, 14 lb, high gloss stock from Ingrained Paper Ltd. which gives the book a pleasing look and feel and makes the Markham Co. inks really come alive. This winning combination and the clarity it provides will no doubt be a great help in reading.

The pictures in the book were also of excellent quality and when reading there is no waiting between pages. What a treat! Just turn and the pictures are there. Brightly colored and appealing to children. Youngsters will also appreciate the novel point and feel interface. For parents with children too young to read, the book could provide the perfect opportunity for adults and children to read together.

Overall, this book has very high production values and could open up new worlds for your children. I highly recommend "Do Whatever The Media Tells You To" for children and adults of all ages who especially want to benefit from the values and messages found in non-print mass media. Ever Loving Press is setting a new standard for all other book manufacturers to follow and I can't wait to see more from them. Look for their upcoming illustrated release for children, "Strip-Mining Our Forests To Extinction: The Death of Print Media", featuring the popular characters Billy the Book and Toby the Tree.