You begged God and sold your soul (and your sister's soul) to the Devil.
You rocked yourself to sleep at night whispering "please oh please oh please let it come..." You sat outside the computer store for weeks just hoping to see some sign that your pathetic pleadings had been heard. Well...

This is the video game event that will change everything you thought you knew about gaming. It's SO REAL you won't be able to believe it's not really happening! It's the SLAMMINGEST CRAZIEST SICKEST thing YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!

filled with the best, most mind-blowing 3D animation imaginable! Armed with nothing except your fuzzy wuzzy kitten claws, your big soft brown eyes, and your rough little pink tongue, you must plunge into the heart of the wildest adventure you've ever faced.

Imagine IF YOU CAN ...

sleeping in the big sunspot on the carpet!
eating food!
slurping cream from a saucer!
tripping on catnip!
ignoring the dog!
playing with a big ball of yarn!
looking cute!

360-degree motion combined with continuous wall-to-wall 3D art and fast-paced soundtrack from some of the hottest rock-and-roll artists make this the SKULL-NUMBING HEART-THUMPING THRILL-A-MINUTE ride you've been AFRAID OF! TWO HUNDRED more levels than KITTYLICK II plus new owners, new cat toys, and better-tasting food (including a killer chicken/tuna combo!).

Don't let your contentment rating drop or you just might have to take a cat nap in the sunshine!

If your cleanliness zeroes out... it's time for a tongue bath!

Lick your owner and meow for in-between-meal snacks!

Avoid everyone for days at a time (even the dog!)

Listen to these RAVE REVIEWS:

"This game is WICKED COOL! But I'm not sure what you're supposed to do."
Josh Keller, Detroit, Michigan

"Uhmm, when do I shoot stuff?"
Dave Howard, Ladson, South Carolina

"Too damn violent!"
Mrs. Alice Klinger, Cat Fanciers of America

"I liked the part when the "MOM" character pets me."
Trish Harrison, Montgomery, Alabama

"When to you get to shoot things?"
Tom Miller, Davis, California

"I'm not sure how to get the thing to shoot"
Joey Melnick, Madison, Wisconsin

"I couldn't figure out how to kill anything"
Darryl Schillinger, Sarasota, Florida

"What is there to shoot?"
Ryan West, New Castle, Pennsylvania

"Can you kill ANYTHING in this stupid game?"
Sam Gardner, Las Vegas, Nevada

KITTY LICK III: The Shedding is taking the world by storm. So just follow your cute little pink nose down to your local computer store and say "meow".

New for Windows95
COMING SOON for Sony PlayStation and MAC platforms.

(a portion of proceeds go to help Violent Nerds Against Kitty Porn)

Kitty Lick III is a trademark of THE CORPORATION. Woof!