< CYBERBEAR'S Alphabet Poem

"Hey, everybody! Today we're going to learn the alphabet! Here's a happy little poem that helps me remember all the letters.

"A is for Apple with worms at the core,
B is for Bunny, found dead on the floor.
C is for Catholics, god-fearing folk,
D is for Disect, to cut and to poke.
E is for Epitaph, cut into stone,
F is for Finger, sliced down to the bone.
G is for Guilotene, off with your head,
H is for Hitman, filled belly with lead.
I is for Irritate, pain in the neck,
J is for Jeopordy, Alex Trebek.
K is for Kitten, whose meow is a screech,
L is for Lisp, ridiculed for bad thpeech.
M is for Mildew, creeps all up the wall,
N is for Nepotist, father will call.
O is for Octopus, tentacles eight,
P is for Pig, Easter dinner's the fate.
Q is for Quentin, Pulp Fiction was fun,
R is for Retina, burned by the sun.
S is for Sailor, washed up on the shore,
T is for Thumbnail, closed hard in the door.
U is for Umpire, clocked by the ball,
V is for Vindicate, justice for all.
W is for Wishbone, cracked cleanly in two,
X is for X-ray, the tumor is blue.
Y is for Yellow, he did wet the bed,
Z is for Zebra, this is what he said...

"I love you!"

"I have to go now. See you again!"