"I let all my friends come into my Clubhouse, especially you because you're my best friend. Today, the password to get in is "tampon". You have to say it real loud 50 times to get in. You'd better do it or I won't let you in and you'll miss all the fun!

"Yippee! Hey everybody! Today is Red Face Day at Cyberbear's Clubhouse. Go grab a bright red crayon from your toybox and bring it back here. Since I don't have any fingers and I can't pick up crayons, you'll have to color my face red for me. The harder you press the crayon against your computer screen, the redder my face will be! Yahoo! Now color your face red!

"When Dad gets home and sees the computer screen all red, just laugh and yell "tampon" over and over real loud! He'll understand.

"I love you!"

"I have to go now. See you again!"