"Hooray! It's Help Daddy Day in Cyberbear's Clubhouse! I think Dad would be so happy if we helped him set up his computer so it will be ready to go when he gets home. Let's get to work!

"See the icon that says "PowerMacintosh HD"? Well, click and drag that into the trash. Then, under "special", select "empty trash", then "OK". Dad bought a new hard drive today, so it will help him alot to have this one out of the way. Good! Now, under "file", select "new folder". When the new folder appears on the screen, type and name it "tampon". Now keep doing that until there are 49 "tampon" folders on the desktop. This will give Dad plenty of folders to put all his work in.

"Now make a 50th folder and call it "Windows 95". And be sure to rename the Trash icon "NeXT". And we're done! We make a great team!

"I love you!"

"I have to go now. See you again!"