"Don't you like to watch TV? Me too! Only I can't see it from here, you know. Would you bring the TV closer to me so that I can see it better? All my other friends let me watch TV with them. If the TV is too heavy to bring here, then just unhook your computer monitor, and bring it with you when you go to watch TV. OK?

"This TV show is boring. Do you know where all the videotapes are? Well, right behind The Lion King is a nice tape called Petscape: Pre-Intercourse Cyber-Erotica. Dad bought it for us to watch together. He was saving it as a suprise, but I just could'nt not tell you! Best friends tell each other everything!

"When Dad gets home, lick the computer mouse and try to put it in your mouth. He'll know we found the tape and be so happy!

"I love you!"

"I have to go now. See you again!"