Why be limited by the oppression of your own town, when now, thanks to the new Telecom Bill, you can experience the oppression of places you never knew even existed!

The Telecom Bill has taken the meaning of indecent, once defined by your small, local community, and has opened the gates of freedom and diversity by letting EVERYONE in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA help define it together! Of course you can't define what ISN'T indecent, only what IS indecent. And that's ALOT!

Find out if the Montana Militia thinks a picture of two black men kissing each other is indecent by putting it up on your web page. If it is... you may get to visit them in their prison for up to FIVE YEARS! That way, you'll get to know them reeealll good. And that's not even the best part. The BEST part is that all of this is FREE! That's right, you could go to jail for FREE!

And it doesn't stop there! If you ever see something on the Internet that you and your friends decide is indecent, you can call whoever it was that put it up and make them take it away! OH WOW! If they don't, they just might have to give you ALOT OF MONEY! I think I see a few indecent things right NOW (wink) !

How do you get this new Telecommunications Bill? You ALREADY HAVE IT! But you say "I didn't vote for it... I didn't have anything to do with it." That's RIGHT, it's STILL YOURS! And another bonus ... YOU CAN'T LOSE IT! YOU CAN'T EVEN GIVE IT AWAY! IT'S YOURS!

Sound good? It gets EVEN BETTER! In a wave of global goodwill, we are letting other countries besides the U S A join in and help to define what is indecent in the creation of a new product already in testing ... GLOBAL CENSORSHIP.

Countries such as Germany and China have ALREADY begun to help create GLOBAL CENSORSHIP. And just wait until you hear what THEY think is indecent. So far banned topics considered indecent and made illegal have ranged from Star Trek and Sex Education to Political Manifestos! Some people in the US have already taken these things away due to the new and improved GLOBAL CENSORSHIP!

Yes, thanks to the new Telecommunications Bill, we can learn to love our neighbors in a universally acceptable way.

REMEMBER ... it's no fun to offend ANYONE, so find out more about the new Telecommunications Bill TODAY!!!

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