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TO: All Employees
RE: Old Bob

We have recently gotten word that many consumers have gotten messages from THE CORPORATION like the one below from someone named "Old Bob". If any employee has any information regarding who might be writing and sending these unauthorized messages, please contact theboard@thecorporation.com: Thank you for your inquiry regarding how THE CORPORATION got started. Well, about 4 years ago, me and Little Jake (that's my cat) were living in an old deserted gas station in Midland, Missouri when Little Jake goes "meow" which was up until then pretty normal for Little Jake. Then, all of a sudden, Little Jake's meows turned into words and he started telling me how we could strike it rich if we just worked real hard and published a humorous newspaper called THE CORPORATION, which would make fun of everything including corporate life. We started out doing that for the first 3 years. Little Jake would run the printing press while I went out and sold advertising. I was a real Willy Loman back in them days. Then, one day, a car pulled up to the gas station thinking it was still open. I told the driver, a dorky-looking guy with glasses like my cousin Walter wears, that there was no gas. I told him to keep going about 40 miles to Jeb's station and that he could get gas there. I gave him a copy of THE CORPORATION, which he appreciated, and he drove off. Well, that man was so powerful and had so many lawyers and creative types that he went ahead and started doing THE CORPORATION online and stripped me of all my rights and everything Little Jake and I worked so hard for. But he did give me and Little Jake a place to squat, and he lets me write letters like this to kind folks like you that write in. So, thank you for writing. It makes me happy to know that people like you get pleasure from THE CORPORATION, even though my own heart and sense of humor wilted away long ago. Little Jake says thank you, too. He's on his back doped up on thinner fumes right now. Old Bob THE CORPORATION