Cyber Online Museum of Art

While the museum is still undergoing massive construction, we have now completed our second gallery for you to enjoy. Please enter at your own risk...



A Word from Kai Plugin Pictasso, Curator:

With the proliferation of graphic designers able to "mount" their works virtually on the internet so that all the world can see, it is clear that the works of traditional fine artists have begun to dwindle in both quality and quantity. Whomever still holds fast to the outdated notion that a mere pencil or paintbrush can compete with the power and artistry of a computer needs to wake up and smell the java.

One need only look at the facts. A computer can render many more colors much faster than a painter at a canvas. Postscript allows for smoother text and graphics compared to a calligrapher's shaky hand. Computer-generated art wastes none of our precious natural resources and is not messy or toxic during the process of its creation. Plug-in filters for certain software programs can efficiently achieve effects only dreamed of by those in traditional media. And just try to "undo" a dark and murky watercolor wash gone awry.

Let's face it. A few colored circles and lines using Adobe Illustrator, and you're a modern minimalist able to command six figures for your creation. And to any pressure-sensitive critics of modern technology who pan computer artwork as "automated, cookie-cutter and unemotional", a mere mention of deKooning's later works will shut their big fat mouth pretty quickly.

Who said personal expression has to be emotional and agonizing? Just use a computer. It's easy.